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After 25 years developing along with the country's "doi moi" (renovation) process, the Saigon Times Group has established its name among the readers in two distinct groups of publications: one in Vietnamese to focus on business and market news and one in English to cater to foreign readers.

In the first group, the weekly newspaper Thoi bao Kinh te Saigon and its frequently updated online version is a must-read among business people, policy makers, managers, and domestic and foreign investors. As an integrated product, TBKTSG Online boasts of a wide network of reporters and contributors who file a continuous stream of stories on the business scene while its weekly printed version offers more in-depth analyses.

Also in this group, Saigon Tiep Thi adds its own stories about the market to support the smart consumer, especially to cope with consuming in the digital age. Thoi bao Vi tinh Saigon plays its role in helping information technology managers to catch up with new trends in information technology.

In the second group of English-language newspapers, the Saigon Times Weekly and the Saigon Times Daily act as an information bridge between Vietnam and the foreign investor. These are indispensable for those who want to understand and get a frequent update of Vietnam's business and foreign policies.

People, when talking about the Saigon Times Group, would not miss its social activities through a network of business clubs that gather young businesspeople who share a common interest in exchanging ideas and experience, training staff and lend a helping hand in charity work.

The Saigon Times Foundation, therefore, is not only a place for those who want to do charity work in the form of granting scholarships to poor students; it also fosters activities to support the human resource training for entrepreneurs. The Saigon Times Foundation has been the first address any company that wants to do CSR work comes to.

Saigon Times Group

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